Monday, May 14, 2012

Free version was suspended from Google Play.

Free version of the Gallery+ for Pinterest was suspended from Google Play last friday.

We have never received any notifications from Google, and we have no ideas why. :(
We have sent an email to Google, but no responses yet.

Paid version is okay, but free version is not allowed on the market?

There are two differences between Free version and Paid version.
1. Ad.
2. Watermark on the photo user uploaded. (Manipulating original pics)

What is the problem? Copyright and Trademark of Pinterest?

We are already selling the same apps on iOS App Store over a month, and we even have emails received from Pinterest, say agreeing.
Moreover, our paid version is still normally being sold.

Above all, the biggest problem is that we do NOT know what the problem is.

Let's see how Google responds.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

News~! :D

1. Pinterest Gallery has been renamed to Gallery+ for Pinterest.

2. Gallery+ for Pinterest (for Android) has been released on the Google Play.
    Link: Gallery+ for Pinterest
    Link: Gallery+ for Pinterest (Free)

3. Gallery+ for Pinterest (for bada) has been released on the Samsung Apps.
    Link: Gallery+ for Pinterest (Lite)