Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pinterest Gallery for iPad has been released.

Pinterest Gallery, the first official app of UX+, has been released on the App Store.

Here is an introduction of the Pinterest Gallery.

The most fantastic and elegant way to use Pinterest in your iPad! Here is an optimal solution with Pinterest Gallery! Here is an efficient opportunity to use the Pinterest Gallery as if you are using the catalogue at the mall. Using the slide show function offered only by Pinterest Gallery, you can customize your iPad as digital frame or advertisement board.

Links to App Store

Pinterest Gallery
Pinterest Gallery Free

All other platforms such as iPhone, Android, bada, Windows Mobile will be released soon.


  1. I down loaded pinterest gallery ($2.99) can't log in. Help please or just refund the 2.99. Thanks

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      There can be some cases with login problem.
      - Please check whether you have input the email and password for facebook or twitter. We support currently pinterest authenficiation only.
      - We set a timeout to 30 seconds for login. Please check whether your internet connection is stable.

      Should you get a refund, please contact to App Store. We don't have any way to refund to you directly.

  2. Is there a way to edit or delete a pin? I want to edit the info in the comment section. I thought it would bring the artist's name with it when I pinned the song. Now I need to go back and add the artist's name, or delete and start over. Please help.

    1. We have plan to offer those features you told in the near future. :D


  3. Glad to hear that Pinterest can now also use in iPads which is a big advantage for those Pinterest lover.

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  5. Logging in with my Pinterest credentials on iPad and iPhone here in Germany does not work.
    The message is: Failed to login. Please try again later.
    The exactly same credentials work when opening Pinterest within Safari.